dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Why John is a good father....

Now that we're in the era where Elly is a working mother who has to deal with children who want to eat her feeling of self-respect with their hateful need for attention and time, I'd like to tell you why it is that John, despite being a jerk who doesn't quite see why Elly needs to be away from her children so much, is still declared a good father. Simply put, he doesn't do anything stupid like defending them from Elly's insane wrath.

What seems to be happening is that John was raised to follow the volume when it came to settling disputes. Since Elly is always screaming her stupid head off because she over-reacts to a situation she's misread in the most ridiculously self-serving manner possible, it seems to him that the best way to handle things is to settle down the angry lunatic who simply will not talk things out like a sane person. Either she explodes in rage when confronted with the terrifying implication that she's an empty-headed bag of wind who doesn't understand what she's screaming about or she does something else repulsively immature and refuses to speak at all. Since Elly can't be an adult about anything and since the children are quieter than she is, he assumes that they can suck it up and deal with getting shorted out of something that they probably should have just to make their hateful nutbag of a mother shut her stupid face. After all, he does it despite knowing that he's in the right most of the time. This is because his idea of family harmony boils down to placating a stupid narcissist who needs to think that everyone is out to destroy her lest she realize that she isn't a special snowflake after all. If kids come along and try to bring right and wrong into the picture, you'd better believe he's gonna want to put a stop to THAT action!!
Tags: elly patterson: complete monster, jelly vs jstf

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