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On unaccompanied minors.......

As we all know, John doesn't like to spend too much time figuring out how the people around him think. Since he never bothered growing the Hell up and understanding that the feelings of other people matter as much to them as his feelings do to him, it doesn't take a genius to realize that when he came up with his brilliant solution of shipping Michael off to Vancouver to buy himself some peace and quiet, he never quite bothered figuring out that Mike was afraid that he was going on a one-way trip. Since John thinks that worrying about what people think is an EVIL attempt to muzzle him, he went merrily on making an asinine comment or two that fed the boy's fears. Were someone to do something stupid and ask him what the Hell he meant by joking about taking Mike back or comparing him to a wild animal, the same abrasive jackass who thinks that no one should ever object to being reminded that their feelings mean less than nothing to him would whine piteously about how everyone wants to take away his right to speak at all.

That being said, Mike wasn't the only one who was worried that the arrangement might end up being permanant. This is because Elly's fears were more about how Mike might decide that he liked Vancouver better. This is not because she'd miss him but because it would make her look like a brittle jerkass whose response to a problem is to either run away from it or make it vanish. Well, that and the plane exploding. There he'd be dead and there she'd be accused of sending him to his death because he didn't want to play with children she herself sees as being monsters.

What John and Elly didn't seem to realize is that the airline's policy for accommodating unaccompanied minors is to assign a flight attendant to more or less baby-sit them. This means that when Elly was racing around the Pattermanse screaming about how terrified poor Mike must have been stuck in a strange place with scary people she'll never met (which is WHY they're scary) when the plane broke down, he had a pleasant time with the flight attendant assigned to watch over him. Factor in the fact that he had a pleasant enough few days without Elly screaming at him for wanting to destroy her freedom of expression and it's not much of a surprise that Mike has a positive view of the airline industry. Elly, on the other hand, learned something different. She learned that she has to protect her children from horrible things when they go on trips. Said horrible things include befriending strange people and not having to listen to her drone on witlessly about things she isn't smart enough to understand.
Tags: elly on her cross, john needs vitamin stfu

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