dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The reason for my disaffection....

I'm supposing you're all wondering why I turned against the strip I used to, if not love, at least accept as a pleasant part of my day. Is it the fact that Liz said 'WAIT!!' after April dropped the bomb about Anthony and Therse getting a divorce? Not quite. Could it be his 'Wait for me because I have no HOOOOOOOOOME' whingefest after she damn near got raped? Close. Is it the insane success of Michael Patterson? Getting warm. Is it the fact that Meredith looks like a love object for every pedophile in the Northermn Hemisphere? Plausible, but not quite it. The reason I turned against the strip is right on the Foob homepage: the bios of the characters. Seeing Liz bleat that she's a get-it-done, take charge personality when she forcefully stands around like a lump waiting for people to live her life for her got me to thinking that at least Lynn would be in on the joke. No such joy in Candiruville, though, people. Her self-description is a symphony in the key of delusion. It's not just her, though. Save for perhaps April, her whole family is loaded to the gunwhales with 100% homegrown Canadian bullshit. Not thing one in their biographies match what we know about the characters. I'd like to believe that Lynn is in on the joke and she too sees the gaping chasm between their glowing description and depressing reality but it seems she honestly sees her characters as being what she describes them as.
Tags: john: little tin god or petty tyrant?, liz: whining martyr, mythologizing mike, sheet shaver

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