dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John and Elly ARE Scary Information......

As we're about to see, the flight attendant assigned to watch over Michael sees him for what he is: a rather ordinary little boy being sent from home for some reason or another. Since Mike doesn't really know much about the adult world, he has no idea that his off-hand comments about his parent paint a picture of two thin-skinned people who, having totally given up on trying to cope with him after he displays the least resistance, decide that he should be sent away so that his folks can recover from the horrible stress of trying to keep up with a small child who isn't remotely close to being the Hellspawn John and Elly describe him as being.

My guess is that she's currently looking back at her life and being very grateful that she was never as thin-skinned, whiny and fragile as the yuppie vermin who packed that kid who liked dessert a lot to Vancouver because they were too dumb to get him into a program at home. The reason that I say that is that I really don't think that most people see Elly and John as being effective parents. What they see is two entitled ding-dongs who are too silly and fragile to coexist with their normal children. The average Milbouroughite probably does a pretty good Elly impression. It isn't that hard because all you need to do is stand around ranting about piss-all or whining that you can't keep up with your ultra-lethargic children.

Another thing that she's probably grateful for is to not ever have to deal with someone as horrible as John again. She might not have met the man close up but a man who sees no problem with telling his son that he's a horrible monster and that letting him return home is optional is someone who should probably have never had children, gotten married or been allowed out in public without a muzzle.
Tags: elly versus her family, john needs vitamin stfu

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