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The Envy Spiral.

Of course, John's being pissed off at his kids because of his deluded, self-serving belief that they have it much easier than he does and aren't grateful for it is part of a wider pattern. As history teaches us, Pattersons and people who show Patterson-like tendencies share the same characteristic reason for presuming to despise someone. We know the following things about a person a Patterson hates:

  1. The target of aggression is assumed sight unseen to have life better than the Patterson who hates him or her. In John's case, he assumes falsely that Mike is a little lordling who lives a life of ease because he doesn't pay taxes.

  2. The advantage that antagonizes the Patterson isn't actually an advantage at all. A nine year old might not have to pay taxes but that's because he can't survive on his own at all well.

  3. The target is assumed to be lording his fictional advantage over the Patterson in question. This is why John assumes that Mike's every move is an attempt to give his poor dad the middle finger.

  4. The target is doing nothing of the kind and in fact has, despite the Patterson's belief otherwise, has not actually done whatever the Patterson thinks he or she did. This is why John confuses honest ignorance with active defiance meant to twist the knife in.

  5. The target actually has life worse than the Patterson envying him or her and acts accordingly. This is mostly why Mike is perturbed. His life sucks because his dad and mom hate him for a ridiculous and disgusting reason and he says so.

  6. The dolt of a Pattersaint takes this as yet another sign that said person is trying to make him or her crawl through the mud and laugh at his or her suffering. This is why John thinks that Mike is trying to geld his dad and take over when he just wants to not be treated like a threat.

  7. The Patterson in question is actually in complete control of the situation despite assuming that he or she is the injured party. In this instance, John has all the power and Mike none.

  8. The Patterson in question is directly responsible for the plight of the person he or she hates and envies. In this instance, Mike's life is a living, seething Hell because his father is a petty tyrant who thinks that everyone else is as big a monster as he is.

  9. The Patterson in question denies that the person in question has life far worse than he or she does. John won't admit that Mike's life sucks and he's why because he needs to be the victim.

  10. The Patterson in question denies being a monster primarily motivated by blind envy. John can no more admit that he envies Mike an illusory freedom than he can admit that said freedom doesn't come close to existing. If he did that, he'd end up looking in the mirror and seeing a petty, malicious, bitter douchenozzle who enjoys getting his bowels in an uproar over nothing. Rather than see the John Patterson that is, he sees the John Patterson he would like to be thought of as.

This explains why John and Elly parent as if they're being backed into a corner rather than admit that they envy their children for freedoms that they don't actually have. If they did that, they might have to admit that the reason that their lives feel so empty is that they're too bitter and selfish to appreciate what they have. Similarly, Mike envies Lizzie what attention she gets while studiously avoiding seeing that he'll always matter more to his parents because he can carry on their name. It's even why April acts as if lonely, confused Becky is trying to crush her with her star power so she doesn't have to admit that she thinks that she can never measure up. They don't admit that they're hateful people who want freedoms that only exist in their greedy little minds. They can't do that any more than they can admit that they haven't the least idea of what's really going on around them.
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