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On the striking of chords......

As you know, I've had to revisit the very annoying habit that the Pattersons have of genuinely believing that the people they shove around and plot against are actively plotting against them when that isn't actually the case. The one thing that I don't really like about April is her belief that despite what her senses are telling her, Becky is clearly plotting to destroy her and everything she loves with her star power because that's what people like her do. This, I think, comes from their need to avoid admitting that they want to steamroll everyone in sight flat because only bad people do that. Since they don't want to admit to having any negative impulses, they project their own will to power on their enemies.

I've also talked about how the Pattersons go out of their way to avoid seeing that they burn with envy because they feel like they can't measure up to someone else. Despite the fact that Becky never demonstrated the least inclination to steal April's boyfriend, the default negativity that's encoded in her DNA tells our girl that said bad fate is an inevitability.

I've even talked about the pointless negativity and fear of loss, defeat and humiliation that make Pattersons think that they're fighting for their lives when that is most assuredly not the case. As a general rule, a Patterson will either flat-out forget or snippily discount a thousand good things to obsess over one bad one.

What I sometimes neglect to mention is that not only do the Pattersons deny the fact that they too are capable of jealousy, malice, greed, envy and hate, they also love to deny the fact that they are pointlessly pessimistic. If they admitted that the glass is half-full and how good they had it, their ability to see themselves as victims fighting for survival would evaporate and then they'd be bullies and backstabbers.
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