dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On when not to give way to one's offsprings and small ones.

You will no doubt have latched right on to something I find to be truly absurd about this whole blasted thing: the belief Elly has that Mike can force her to quit work in the first place. As we saw right before John came up with his brilliant way of reminding Michael that his presence is optional so he should keep his opinions to himself, Elly clearly believes that Michael can somehow or other make her give up the job she needs to feel like she matters in this world. For reasons that I'm about to get into in a little while, this makes a certain amount of sense because Elly has things mixed up in her head. Take, as a for instance, her deciding to wear shorts on a hot day; she isn't harming anyone, she has every right to wear what she wants and if a beady-eyed, sullen dullard teenager doesn't like the look of their mother wearing them, Michael can God-damned well burn in Hell because it isn't any of his business and he ain't got any freaking right to make it his business. Instead of standing her ground and telling her lumpish oaf to stick his mockery up where the plot to Stone Season came from, Elly gives way when she doesn't damned well need to. Just as she should have told him that her keeping her part-time job was strictly non-negotiable and finding a solution that didn't involve his being home alone or stuck with the Nichols or telling him flat-out that she isn't going to let the old town hall get leveled just because other scruffy little idiot children are teasing him about something they too are too God-damned stupid, oblvious and ignorant to understand, she should have told him that he ain't the one that feels like he's melting in his own fat so should shut his fat trap.

What Elly needed to learn is that no one can make her feel guilty enough to give up on something she loves without her express permission. There's room for accommodating a child's needs, desires and opinions and then there's the very stupid thing Elly does and letting her need to not feel guilty make her act like an imbecile. Too bad that that would mean trying to figure out who these people she happens to find herself living with are, what they want and how best to give them what they need. Better to treat them like all the other scary strangers in the world who are out to get her because that's the deal with people she doesn't know; it saves time.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly versus her family, elly versus the real world

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