dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On lost children and what that says about Elly....

As you know, Elly is going to spend most of this week frightened out of her mind because Mike has to cool his heels in Calgary International because the 737 he was on had mechanical troubles. While he's having a pleasant enough time being watched over by the flight attendant I've named 'Vicky', Elly is beside herself worrying about her poor little boy who's lost, confused, alone and screaming for her and she can't get there to comfort him. We're about to see a bit of an echo to that sort of thinking in a few weeks when she comes to Pearson International to take him home. You see, she stupidly brings Lizzie with her and, as one could expect, they get separated. While Lizzie has a fun time amusing herself in the photo booth hoping that the grown-ups find this other Lizzie Patterson who got lost, Elly totally freaks out. The interesting thing is that what reunites them is that Lizzie has noticed that Mommy got lost and needs to find her. When berated for scaring Mommy, Lizzie states that she didn't know which set of legs to follow.

The interesting thing about both these occasions is that most of why Elly is upset is what usually upsets her at times like this: having to imagine what the children are doing. When she isn't thinking about what they're doing, she assumes that they're not doing much of anything but when she does have to spend time wondering what they're doing when she can't see them, the image is always horribly bad. This is where her default negativity comes into play and screws up her life for her. It's probably also why she doesn't put Mike into a program like a sensible person. If someone she knows watches over him, she doesn't have to think about what he's doing and assumes that he's not doing anything that would reflect on her; put him in the care of a scary, scary STRANGER that she doesn't even KNOW and all sorts of terrible things could happen. As a for instance, the reason that her inner panicky idiot getting her tit in a wringer over nothing is screaming about Mike is that she doesn't know who Vicky is and thus will not rely on her to do what she's supposed to.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly versus strangers

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