dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Seek wisdom from the oblivious, shun those with knowledge....

The very odd thing about Marian Richards is not just that she was a very stupid woman whose legacy is a boorish momma's boy and a frustrated mess of a daughter who can never be content with her lot in life. It isn't even that she was too witless to understand that Elly's never being able to enjoy herself is the direct result of Marian living in needless, brainless fear of her and too dimwitted to understand that she'd raised Elly to think of her children as implacable adversaries. The very odd thing is that the nincompoop is seen as a source of wisdom and a benchmark for what a mother is. The one thing that makes me respect Annie Nichols is that she didn't see her mother as a role model; granted, she went too damned far and chopped off Leah's finger because she was sure that her mother wouldn't have but at least she isn't into slavishly emulating a complete plum duff who made a dog's breakfast of raising her children.

This makes her not really a Patterson owing to the fact that Pattersons seek out screaming yipyops and blustering amoeba-brains when looking for advice on anything. So far, we've seen carping ding-dong Laura braying about how she knows better how to live because SHE knows how to drive a tractor, Eva Warzone depicted as a source of stability and good sense because she bloviates about war zones and dimwit Iris who doesn't have a clue about how sharp Jim is assuring the rest that he was a vegetable. The reason that this matters is that the first sign we had that Paul might be someone to not like is that he told Lizardbreath that she should possibly listen to the nonsense spewing out of her mouth for once in her life.

It seems to me that the reason Pattersons ascribe to simpletons wisdom and insight that they do not possess is three-fold. When Elly and the gang talk about what a fountain of wisdom bleary-eyed numbskull Marian was despite the fact that the dozy old moocow never got it into her thick skull that Elly yearned for her approval and her constant denial of same is why she did so many unaccountable things, they're trying very hard to convince themselves that a shrieking chowderhead knew what she was doing. When they listen to a nitwit like Iris, they're hearing what they want to. When they subject their children to twits like Eva and Laura, they're trying to smack the kiddies over the head with the you-owe-us gospel. Given that the reason Paul and Therese and other people who know what's going on are bad is because their words imply that the Pattersons are idiots who want things that they don't need and shouldn't have, it's sort of obvious that the closer to the truth and more competent you are, the less the Pattersons want to do with you.
Tags: one big oblivious family

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