dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Reconsidering Marian's Gobsmackage.

Having reviewed the sequence again, it seems to me that I've been a bit unfair to Marian in calling her stupid. After all, she's as baffled by Elly as she is by Mike or Lizzie and what baffles her is wondering if her daughter french-fried her brain huffing solvents or taking hits of the brown acid. Toddler Elly was easy to understand because she thought that the Sun shone out of her butt. Middle School Elly was easy to understand because, having learned that the Sun didn't shine out of her butt, she thought that the Sun was in the process of guttering out and dying and leaving poor Elly lost, alone, ugly, unloved and unlovable. High School Elly was easy to understand because it suddenly because Marian's fault that the Sun was dying and Elly would end up an old maid.

Sadly, nothing Elly has done since she left home seems to have ever made sense to Marian. Oh, she understands that Elly got her MRS because the crazy idiot thinks that when Mother said that a BA degree would come in handy if Mr Right didn't come along right away, she actually meant that Mister Right would never come. What she can't wrap her head around is why Elly mutated from a mildly bossy kid who needed a few years of real life to teach her what her limits were to a horror freak who acts as if she's the star of a really crappy dom-com. What this tells me is that when Mike, Lizzie and April do things that confuse Granny, Marian is wondering if their off-putting behaviour is the result of better foobage through chemistry. In her experience, people don't act as if there's some sort of sinister virus that makes them into sitcom-dialog spouting pod people unless there's some sort of brain-melting controlled substance involved.
Tags: lynn versus the real world

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