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Deanna and summer programs......

You will recall how I stated that the Pattersons like to seek out sonorous dimwits like Eva Warzone or that bearded road-apple John calls a brother-in-law for advice about how to proceed on things. You will also recall that I mentioned that Elly and John never bothered sending Michael to a summer program because they never went to one and never had the brains to see if such a thing existed. The reason that I mention this is that they now have access to someone whose mother probably DID send her child to a summer program: Deanna.

Given that this section:
He never grew up with my mother who tried to direct every little aspect of my life, ever since I can remember. I had to dress perfectly, act perfectly, have the "right" friends, and go to the "right" things. I took ballet and figure skating because mom wanted me to. They were "right" and beautiful and she wanted to tell people her daughter was a figure skater, or studying dance. It sounded good on her resume.
is all about how horrible Mira was for sending her child to a summer program when she wanted to sit on her arse and whine about how there was nothin'to do, I should think that she'd be dead-set against the idea. That's because she's fairly stupid.

As a for-instance, her blithe comment about how Elly never tried to direct every little aspect of her children's lives leaves me wondering if she spent her high school years huffing solvents. Elly is all about social climbing, micro-managing her family and padding her resume. What Mira has that Elly doesn't is a husband who didn't undermine the Hell out of her because he has a penis and Elly doesn't. Whiny nitwit Deanna might piss and moan about how Wilf wasn't the man of the house but that's because she's a very stupid person who likes the Pattersons because DADDY!!!!!!!!!!! is clearly calling the shots.

What this means is that the dolt who goes to Karina of Romulus to get her hair done is probably telling her stooge husband that summer programs are conformity factories meant to abolish childhood. She's probably doing this while arranging with that nice Laura to show Meredith how little she needs material possessions on that nice farm. No, Mommy isn't punishing her child by sending her away because she can never seem to read Mommy's mind and find something to do that Mommy wouldn't object to. Mommy is HELPING her live better by reminding her that she owes her Mommy unquestioning obedience. Freedom, you see, is just for Mommy.
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