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In Foobest Day, In Blackest Night.......

Of course, there's another way in which Lynn could try to prove Anthony to be far superior to his contenders while making him look far and away the worst possible choice: kill off the Weird French Girl. The scenario I have in mind would have as its jumping-off point the triumph of Stockholm Syndrome; simply put, Françoise would be so totally confused and needy that any token attempt at understanding concerns that mean nothing to Liz because they aren't happening to her would be seen as signs that someone who will always see her as a threat actually cares about her. Sadly, Liz would not be able to enjoy the victory over the scary child whose scary habit of reading and writing at her proper grade level leads to the scary realization that something in Liz's background held her back for very long. Liz and Anthony would whine about how simply awful it is that they cannot violate the terms of the custody agreement that Thérèse's lawyers shoved down their throats just because neither of them want to face the horrible idea that some horrible people have about their double-teaming a sap just to be dicks to other people. This would be the last time that the child would be seen alive. While the Evil Career Woman would insist that no one could have foreseen her obviously unsafe foreign car being hit by that tractor trailer carrying anvils, her evil, biased physical laws would clearly be inferior to Liz and Anthony whining about how she'd willed the child to die to be nasty to them.

The worst thing is that I don't see it as stopping at Assthony lashing out and refusing to see reason because he got his ass hammered for mental cruelty. I can see him as being a pissy little bitch about the funeral. The scary and wrong Frenchy woman would want worms to feast on the poor child while the Pattersaints would prefer it if they could keep her on a nifty urn on their mantlepiece or something. Simply put, the Foobs would prove themselves to 'care' more because they wanna make a child's cadaver into a football. Yay!!!!
Tags: blandthony, therese

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