dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Better an end with horror than foobery without end.

While it might be sort of morbid to contemplate a horrible custody battle over Françoise's remains and just plain idiotic to have to trudge through an annoying pile of crap custody battle in which the Pattersons are made out to be the victims, both things are far and away preferable to what will probably really happen. What seems most likely was hinted at when Becky finally admitted that she turned her back on fun and friendship to follow an evil, distracting star that made her believe that she was better than the Pattersons. It would appear that the evil distracting star that makes Thérèse think that she should challenge Liz's behaviour is the need to be approved of by her evil misogynistic nineteenth century abomination father. As Assthony's Liography teaches us, she would have settled down with some sort of street theatre mime but was instead stuck in a marriage of inconvenience with Pornstache so as to cement a business deal between caricature horror monster fathers.

Given that Blandthony's Liography ends with our boy wishing that some day, Thérèse would find happiness, what seems to be destined to happen is that like everyone who isn't a Patterson, she'll rebel against the grasping, self-serving vermin she calls parents and settle down with her Twoo Wuv. As a reward for admitting that she was too good for her own good and that Liz had every right to cling to Anthony like a starving octopus and especially that she was crazy and evil and wrong to believe in the myth of post-partum depression, she'd end up being given Françoise as a reward for admitting that Elly ha sempre ragione. While the simpletons and drones who fear people who imply that they've settled for less comfort themselves with the lie that people who want them to feel bad are really just jealous, regular people would probably vomit in terror and disgust.
Tags: anyone wanna buy a used future?

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