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Michael Patterson and the Impostors.....

Of course, Phil isn't the only person who wages a mighty war on straw so as to keep himself from seeing a reality that would make him far less cool a dude than he'd like to think he is. The Patterson closest to him in looks and temperament also struggles valiantly against his own array of windmills that he mistakes for monsters. Let's see what form the monsters Mike isn't really fighting take so as to see what truth about himself he wishes to not see.

It seems to me that his melodramatic over-reaction to Martha's being forced to reveal a secret when he'd have not had that happen is the perfect jumping off point. Our boy simply did not want to listen to any 'excuse' she might make about how her posse didn't care a fart in a high wind about his feelings. He was sure that the only reason that she pretended to like him in the first place was so that she could humiliate him and laugh at him for daring to think that he too could have what other people have.

Time and again, the old hobgoblin about how people were only using him so that they could kick him in the face and tell him that no one was ever going to like him and he should just accept being shoved off into a corner and end up only being remembered when people want to laugh a malicious laugh at that kid EVERYONE hates for no reason would arise to screw up his life. The problem is that on some level, Michael has to believe this sort of rubbish rather than face harsh truths that 'cannot' be true:

  • "I am a very pessimistic person who always expects the worst in any situation."

  • "I find it very difficult to trust the people around me."

  • "I despise having to do things that don't interest me."

  • "I take a sick delight in the misery of people who get in my way."

  • "I would rather not accept responsibility for my mistakes and bad behaviour."

  • "I find it difficult to sympathize with other people because since their pain is not my own, it can't really be said to matter."

  • "I am not really especially curious as to why people do what they do."

  • "I hate the idea that people can do what they want without running it by me first."

  • "I am filled with the desire to tyrannize and humiliate that I ascribe to others."

  • "I am primarily motivated by envy."

  • "I hate the idea that other people can get attention when it's all supposed to be for me."

  • "Deep down, I really do think that I'm the only person who matters and people only exist to do what I want."

Again, we have to deal with the same sort of self-serving bias that makes Phil go out of his way to not see that maybe Elly has a point about his immaturity and stupidity being shrugged off because he's got a Y chromosome. Michael does not especially want to see that when people do things that hurt him, it isn't actually personal because he doesn't like to think of himself as the sullen, antagonistic dipshit we know him to be. Being forced to finally confront the fact that he would have fought with a little brother because his fragile little ego simply cannot deal with competition would leave him with the same impossibility that Phil would have to deal with in that he'd be stuck wondering how to rebuild a life wasted on whining about nothing.
Tags: mytholigizing mikerobe, one big oblivious family

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