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Liz Patterson and the Phantom Career Woman.

Now that we're about to be dealing with the fifth anniversary of the Settlepocalypse, it makes a certain amount of sense to examine why it is that Liz goes out of her way to make Thérèse out to be a horror freak evil person from a bad soap instead of the ill-used woman she actually is. Rather than admit to herself that Anthony cynically manipulated events so as to force her to want drop Eric on the spot at the New Years' Eve party, our girl still thinks that someone she might have gotten along with if circumstances were different is an ice machine who hates her and wants her to die alone and unloved. The idea that her rival doesn't hate her and simply wishes that she would find some other man to be her Twoo Wuv is a non-starter because Liz doesn't want to admit the following facts about herself:

  • "I am a passive observer in this life because the idea of acting on my own behalf scares me."

  • "I think that the world owes me a living."

  • "I can never be satisfied with what I have and yearn to have what others have."

  • "I am not especially observant and tend to miss things that are right in front of me."

  • "I have no real idea who the people around me really are and what they really want and am too lazy and lacking in curiosity to find out."

  • "Deep down, I find the world to be a terrifying place and yearn for safety."

  • "I hate the idea of being blamed for things even though my being responsible is the only possible explanation."

  • "I don't actually have the least idea of what love is."

  • "People whose interests conflict with my own don't actually wish me harm."

  • "I like to manipulate the feelings of others for kicks."

  • "I don't really care about the feelings of other people as such."

  • "My own gratification is the second-highest concern in my life."

  • "Having my parents fawn over me and me alone is the highest concern."

Forcing Liz to listen to herself for once wouldn't be an especially good idea. It would be one thing to admit that she's a timid, immature, emotionally stunted person who made a bad decision because she wants to have at least one moment where the son didn't shine in her eyes. It would be quite another thing to admit that her ignorance of who people are made things worse. This is because just as there are facts about herself that she finds impossible to admit, there are facts about her family that she can not permit herself to think:

  • "My father is a less obvious and therefore more insidious version of Candace's step-father and, while he will not admit to it, is propelled by the desire to mate with me."

  • "My mother is an emotionally damaged woman who secretly hopes that my life is as miserable as her own so she can feel good about making a very stupid decision in haste."

  • "My older brother is a very damaged young man who had the empathy yelled out of him."

  • "My younger sister isn't actually trying to take my place."

  • "My parents want me to marry Anthony because they'd rather I marry a dreary failure that they know than a good man they don't."

  • "Anthony is a very damaged and stupid man who will never move on with his life."

Since admitting those things would mean that her bad decision was made to please horrible people, she just can't let herself see any of it.
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