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John and the impostor in the mirror.

One of the more irritating things about the Settlepocalypse is having to look at that stupid freak John barge into Liz's room and babble about what a great guy Anthony is. This is because every so often, we get broadish hints that there's something unhealthy in the way he looks at Liz. While Lynn's intentions were probably to make John look like a devoted father, her use of the phrase 'real little girl', 'boyfriend' and 'first person to give you a ring' combine with Liz's messed-up desire to marry someone exactly like him to add a disturbing undertone of incestuous thinking to the proceedings. Not, of course, that John wants to admit to himself that most of why he likes the idea of Liz marrying Anthony is that it's like his getting to bang his pretty, pretty daughter. That being said, there are a bunch of other things about himself that John cannot allow himself to think at all:

  • "I am a very short-tempered man who lashes out with very little provocation."

  • "I think that people weaker than I am deserve to be punished for 'allowing' themselves to be weak."

  • "I hate to ask myself why I believe what I believe because I would rather not face the fact that I don't actually know anything."

  • "I think that while my parents were obliged to take care of me, my children are also obliged to take care of me."

  • "I am the only person whose opinion can be said to matter."

  • "I don't honestly care what other people think or feel about what I do."

  • "I believe that women are asking for it when they dress provocatively."

  • "Being told what to do by my mother because my father slept all day has left me with a life-long fear and hatred of women and a knee-jerk need to undermine them."

  • "I live in fear of the day when I am helpless because just as I don't really bother helping people in trouble, no one will come to my aid."

  • "I need to believe in fixed gender roles and other stereotypes because otherwise, my inability to understand why people do what they do would leave me totally lost as to what's really going on."

Since admitting to any of those things would lead him to the terrifying admission that he's lived his life in a fog, John cuts them all dead lest he be revealed to actually be the pompous know-nothing know-it-all who confused Anthony with an honest man.
Tags: john patterson: complete monster

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