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Elly and the impostors.

To continue on with my look at what the Pattersons can't admit about themselves, I'd like to remind you of why Michael had to go to Vancouver in the first place. As you will recall, I think that the whole thing started off because Elly thought that Michael wanted something that he actually didn't and she would not told otherwise. I hold between thumb and forefinger a nose that remembers the stench of Elly making her life a damned sight worse because she was outraged by a situation that she misread in a horrifyingly ridiculous and self-serving fashion. What seems to me to be going on is that for some reason, Elly looks at her family filled with very normal people and assumes that the one who actually is trying to undermine her is her ally while the people who aren't want to destroy her because they hate her and love chaos. What I believe to be causing it is the following things about herself that Elly can't acknowledge in the least:

  • "I have a very hard time understanding why people do what they do."

  • "I don't really like the idea of finding out what's really going on because that would raise the possibility that I'm to blame for what's happening."

  • "I don't like being held accountable for screwing up."

  • "I think that everyone who disagrees with me is trying to destroy me because otherwise, I'd just be another person."

  • "I will probably not be the big, important person I would love to be."

  • "Being an ordinary person who dies a relatively anonymous death isn't a horror too bleak to contemplate."

  • "I think that if I plead and threaten and cajole in just the right way, I can work miracles."

  • "I also think that I can change the past and have the childhood I would have liked to have had if I do something just the right way."

  • "I find it hard to feel empathy for the children in my life because I find it hard to get to know people."

  • "I really don't like doing anything that takes real effort over extended periods of time."

  • "Change scares me because it's a reminder that I am not really in charge of the situation like I'd like to be."

  • "When I talk about people crushing me down, that's because I have a desire to run the world like a scab foreman."

  • "I am filled with envy, jealousy, rage and greed."

While Elly does occasionally let the truth about herself come back to haunt her, I think that the point of the strip was her achieving victory over herself and becoming as blind, destructive and self-righteous as John is.
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