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Mike: The worst Keeper of the History EVAH!!

Finding out what happened in Lynn's private life makes me feel sorry for her as a human being. It also destroys whatever respect I had for her husband, given my dread that he'll be a total dick in the divorce proceedings and claim a wildly inappropriate amount (as in any percentage greater than zero) of the rights. That being said, I can divorce my feelings for her as a wronged woman about to be painted as a shrew by a divorce lawyer hack working for a jackass from my dislike for her as a creator churning out glurge for simpletons.

On that note, let me continue to explain why I think making Michael Official Keeper of the Patterson Family History is such a stupid idea. To be blunt, if a story isn't about him, he can't be bothered paying attention. He can fake it, but his mind is light-years away. As I said yesterday, his parents could well have told him the real story of how they met only to have half the story actually register and that only in the broadest strokes. His mind, of course, has to complete the story by filling in the blanks so that it makes sense to him. Here's where another nasty habit of his comes into play: he's full of shit. Remember all his retcons about what a great childhood he had being a Canuck take on Opie Taylor having all that fun in the great outdoors? All lies! The closest he came to the outdoor life he thinks he had as a child is watching it on TV. Not only did Elly need to use a crowbar to pry him away from the idiot lantern, whenever he actually got out into the fresh air he stood there sulking in a determined effort not to enjoy himself. Since he can't even get his own past right, he has no chance in hell of doing the same for his parents. With him telling the story, his audience is guaranteed never to hear the truth about anything.
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