dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Anthony and Clarice become un-wonderful.

Remember a little while ago when we all talked about how if the strip had continued, we'd be getting a lot of crap about how Liz is a bad person because she wouldn't get over the fact that while Elly fled from her in disgusted horror from her, she simply can't spend enough time with or be too attentive to James Allen? It seems to me that simply telling Katie to get over herself by proxy isn't going to be enough. After all, Lane also has to be told that Lynn's opinion is the only one that can be said to matter. This means that when Elly isn't blaming her own innate negativity and need to be the only one getting attention on a John who is either dead or getting turned into a punching bag because the nasty, selfish, slow-witted six-year-old writing the strip can't wrap her tiny brain around the idea of a good man who did a bad thing, she's huffing and puffing because Anthony and his mother also don't quite see the point of making up for a lifetime of being a shrill idiot squealing about how Lizzie is a parasite who clearly hates her mommy by trying to become the attentive, loving mother she should have been a generation too late. The more they say "It doesn't work that way, dumb-ass", the mother brutish, antagonistic and wrong for Liz they'll become. Eventually, Anthony and Howard Erk will look like twins. Anything to avoid admitting that Lynn's sin-thine-ass-off ethos is for the squirrels.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly versus her in-laws

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