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"Go and sin some more": What the Pattersons think atonement is.

Of course, whining about how Liz simply refuses to let Elly be there for the grandbabies she presented her with is not the only thing Flapandhonk is probably braying about right now. She'll also be baffled by Liz's refusal to see how sorry Mommy is for not being there for her when she was young. This is because we're dealing with the same sort of filthy trick Eva Warzone plays when she tries convincing April that she can only care about one thing at a time so shouldn't care about her own situation because someone else has it worse. What seems to be happening is that if a person is negatively affected by something a Patterson does, he or she is supposed to shut up about if the Patterson in question says he or she feels about having being forced to do it. The form it would have to take in the here-and-now would seem to go as follows:
  1. Elly is a very silly, vain person who thinks that surrendering the least bit of something to someone has to mean that she'll be forced to surrender everything.
  2. This means that she thinks that when her children want her attention, they don't want her to have free time ever again.
  3. This results in her either fleeing from them or angrily shooing them away.
  4. Every so often, her conscience tells her to reconsider things.
  5. Given that her inner paranoid idiot is more forceful than the voice telling her that her kids ain't monsters, she ends up feeling bad because her children "want" to make her feel bad about having time to herself.
  6. Since she feels as bad as they do, they're supposed to shut up and go away.

This is also why they keep treating April like a war criminal; since they feel bad about doing what they feel no choice but to do, she's supposed to not resent being thought of as a threat to everyone and everything.
Tags: elly patterson: complete monster, one big oblivious family

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