dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lawrence and the Housening.

What bothers me about Connie's pulling up stakes isn't that she probably feared the baffled shrugs of her friends and neighbors far more than canting bullshit from that stupid old cow Annie. What bothers me is that Lynn's need to make Elly into the one most affected by all of this makes life much harder for April during the Housening. This is because it never seemed to occur to anyone involved to have Lawrence be the one to try to allay April's fears.

The reason for that oversight is rather obvious, I should think. Judging from what we saw in the strip and in the letters, it seemed quite clear that no one involved actually wanted to ask April what she was thinking because they assumed the worst sight unseen. While none of them actually admitted that they all thought "APRIL WANTS MICHAEL AND HIS FAMILY TO FREEZE AND DIE SO SHE CAN LOUNGE AROUND IN HER ROOM WHILE THEY HAVE NO HOOOOOOOOOOME OF THEIR OWN!!!!", most of them alluded to her being an ignorant idiot who proposed one stupid idea after another because she was too young and silly to understand the world. The idea that she simply wanted to know what to expect never seemed to occur to anyone because that would mean actually having to get to know her as a person. It seemed better to have Eva Warzone try to bludgeon her into admitting to thinking something she didn't actually think than to reassure her that a house is not a home.

If they were smart, they'd have reached out to someone who actually did move once and found out that while he had to get used to a new neighborhood, new friends, new customs and new everything else, his life didn't actually change all that much. A house, you see, is just a box people keep their home in and moving means putting that home in a new container. If they'd had the sense and decency to tell her that, she'd have gotten behind things a lot quicker and not believed in Trees of Irrelevance. Too bad that Elly has to be Victim Zero.
Tags: one big oblivious family

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