dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Deanna and the impostors.....

Remember how we all made a big deal of Lynn's self-serving and stupid comment about how Katie presented her long-suffering mother with a grand-child to spoil? Well, talking about how most of the Pattersons never thought to get Lawrence to get April on board the Housening train reminded me that not all of them thought that being under twenty made talking to her useless. One of them seems to have realized that April wasn't simply causing drama because that's just what children do. Too bad that said person ALSO thought that her thoughtful in-laws brought April into the world for the express purpose of being her servant. Oh, Deanna is really good at making it seem as if she respects April's right to live how she wants but it's quite obvious that she sees the Martian's lot in life to do her yardwork and sit for her children. As I type this, the blithering idiot is making a bunch of imperious noise about how unfair it is that April waste her days on useless things while she has to fend off children who want to do things children just plain shouldn't like speak and act and think as if they can do so without adult permission. This odd belief that she's not some domineering idiot who thinks that the world rotates around her stems from the fact that there are certain truths about herself that Deanna simply does not wish to face. Said truths are as follows:

  • "I am not an especially generous or forgiving person."

  • "I really don't like looking at things from other people's perspective because I believe that only my point of view matters."

  • "While I pay lip service to gender equality, I really wish to be dominated by a brutish thug."

  • "The reason that I hate my parents is that despite their occasional fights, they actually respect one another; since I idolize John because he's incapable of respect and admire Elly for being the broken-down wretch I wish to be, I can't admit that my parents are better people than the Pattersons."

  • "I think that my children are merely extensions of my will and the odd and unfair need they seem to have for stimulation and attention is an evil thing meant to complicate my life."

  • "I don't want to understand how incredibly damaged and unhappy Michael is because that would mean that the Pattersons are the sort of terrible people my parents say they are."

  • "I think that my made-up suffering entitles me to boss people around."

Since admitting any of those thoughts would tend to mean that the mother she sees as a stifling tyrant because she doesn't realize that she should be a slave to HER DADDY!!!!!!!! is right not only about the Pattersons being grasping scum but about Deanna herself being a freak with a monstrous Electra complex, none of them can be acknowledged without damaging her faith in the moral excellence of morons.
Tags: deanna versus her children, fifties icon deanna

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