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Loving the impostor: the fall of Anthony Caine.

Now that I've talked about what facts about herself that she doesn't want to face about herself that make Deanna's life a living, seething Hell of Patterson-worship, blind adherence to obsolete gender roles and excusing every stupid, selfish and childish decision her imbecile husband makes, I think it's only fair to conclude my look at the defects the characters hide from themselves by looking at Anthony. I think that it's fairly safe to say that he aimed fairly low in life and wishes to settle for very little. When a man's sole ambition is to run a really nice bed and breakfast, it's fairly obvious that he's not what you'd call a go-getter with a straight face. That being said, he is fairly envious of people who actually do go and get things despite not having the 'qualifications' for it and tends to resent a lot of people. This simmering rage directed towards people who want to rub their success in their face despite their not having done so and showing no sign of wanting to makes him fit to be a Patterson. What it also makes him is a man in denial. I should think that he fights a constant battle to avoid having to think the following thoughts:
  • "People who do better than I do aren't trying to rub their success in my face,"
  • "I think that Liz is a passive object to be won or lost and not a person with wants, needs, hopes and dreams."
  • "I can't expect to be handed things just because I'm the boss's son; if I want them, I have to earn them."
  • "When people don't do what I expect them to, that doesn't make them bad; it means that I should question my expectations."
  • "John and Elly Patterson are terrible, self-serving people who only want what I want because it benefits them."

in order to avoid having to face up to the horrible fact that he could have lived a much better life if he'd stopped acting as if he were still in High School.
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