dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Horrible lessons learned.

As I said, Elly's need to swoop down and simply stuff belongings that mean nothing to her into garbage bags when the children can't oppress her by making her think that she's a self-absorbed idiot bitch doing something hateful had a far different effect on Liz than it did Mike. What he learned is that he had to be strong enough to protect things because weak people can't possibly be allowed to have things.

This is part and parcel of his thinking that only the strong deserve things while the weak must be despised and subjected to cruelty; after all, they must have done something wrong that prevented them from being strong. Liz seems to have learned that only her own immediate concerns matter. The same person who seems to mostly hate Thérèse because the woman dared ask her to think about how she felt about having some blond idiot hanging off of her husband simply cannot wrap her mind around the idea that other people's belongings matter as much to them as her belongings do to her. This is why she believes that since Jim's harmonica had no intrinsic value to her, it couldn't be said to have any meaning to anyone so giving it to a vengeful thief to reward him for making her feel good is really the best thing that can be done. When unreasonable little sisters try to make her feel bad about making everyone feel better by giving away something that couldn't have any meaning to it, they're clearly out of line.
Tags: ogres are us

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