dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The creature and her stuff.....

While we never did quite see Elly swooping down on April's stuff, we probably shouldn't lose sight of the fact that Elly can't possibly tolerate the presence of possessions that somehow or other oppress her by raising the evil and unfair possibility that her children are people in their own right and not extensions of her will. This means that April also wound up wondering where the heck some of her stuff went. Given that she, unlike the other children, managed to figure out that Elly lies her ass off in order to shut her kids up, she seems to have learned something else. What that something else is that since objects disappear at random because crazy people take them away for insane and silly reasons, getting too attached to things is a rather foolish waste of time.

This realization that the possibility that there are people out there who arrogate to themselves the right to decide for other people what they can own seems to have kept her from getting too upset about her personal possessions when the Housening was going down. What being forced to move out of her home by crazy people doing stupid shit for ridiculous reasons has taught her is that just as getting too attached to things is a waste of time, getting too attached to living in a certain place is also a waste of energy.

The fun thing about that is that just as Elly had no idea that she taught Mike that he has to be strong to keep people from grabbing his stuff or that she taught Liz that only Liz's stuff matters, she has no idea that she taught April that belongings are essentially meaningless.
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