dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Mike versus Therese: A Mystery Solved.

It's not just Michael's inability to pay attention to things that don't involve him and his need to cut himself all the breaks that makes appointing him the Official Keeper of the Patterson Family History such a stupid idea. His grotesque self-love is accompanied by contempt for everyone who stands between him and what he wants. Deep down, he's the same obnoxious, whiny, sullen, needy resentful little turd we met twenty-eight years ago. His insatiable appetite for affection and attention always has and always will drive him to shove Elizabeth out of the way of her rightful share of the spotlight. What's more, he's never gonna see himself as being in the wrong. Showing the least bit of sensitivity to her feelings is something he will never allow himself. This sort of makes his complicity with his parents' plan to unite her with Anthony hard to figure, given their belief that it will make her happy and loved. After all, we've seen that he doesn't mythologize Anthony to the extent John and Elly do at all. He can barely remember young Mister Caine exists half the time, let alone that his chief virtue is the fact that he will never, ever leave Milborough. You'd think he'd want Liz to stay up North so that Elly can fret about her refusal to live within a half-mile radius of her loving parents as she wanders around her old house, ignoring her grandchildren. There is, however, one thing that's guaranteed to antagonize our boy: someone else picking on Liz. Demeaning her, making her feel bad about herself? That's his thing and he will not tolerate competition. Simple as paper, he hates Therese because she's muscling in on his racket.
Tags: mythologizing mike, pattersons vs the world, sitting duck therese

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