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The long engagement.....

While it is quite clear that Phil and Georgia simply seemed to click when they first met, the fact that dimwit Elly still can't get over the fact that she's seven years younger than he is isn't the only complicating factor in their relationship. After all, Phil seems to have came out of the womb with a need for what he calls simplicity. Given that he defines 'simplicity' as being able to leave town in an awful hurry whenever he feels 'trapped', it would seem that 'simplicity' turns out to mean 'arranging matters so that he doesn't have to leave a very narrow comfort zone'.

While it does sort of irritate me to have to give John credit where it's due, the reason Phil made irritating noise about not needing a piece of paper was not that he didn't truly care about the social norms that Elly regards as iron-clad laws but more that if he started to feel the least bit of discomfort with his living conditions, he could back out no matter how much it might have hurt Georgia. This is why it took her four or five years to finally get the big mope down the aisle: she had to fight the stupid little kid who doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he doesn't have to feel pain so she could marry the man who loves her no matter what happens. Also, she had to finally wean him away from his mother and his sister and all the other competing females who want to make an infant of him so that they can control him. Since they live in her home town and since Elly is the one dealing with Jim, it would seem that she finally managed to kill the little kid dependent on Mommy and Big Sis.
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