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Housening 1989: Phil makes a chump of himself.

Of course, getting him away from his toxic family wasn't the only challenge Georgia faced. The other great big challenge was getting rid of the clutter he'd accreted in the name of the simple life. Like a lot of suburban dimwits of his generation, Phil couldn't live off the land or come and go as he pleased without first accumulating enough gear to support the 1st Air Cavalry. In the name of peace, sanity and not tripping over stuff that her idiot packrat husband only used the once, she decided that they should probably stop renting and get themselves a house.

As you could expect, Phil was an extremely reluctant home-buyer owing to this need of his to not do anything that would require effort on his part. This tendency to think of being a man and stepping out of his comfort zone as being a horrible torture not only explains his own being a whiny little bitch about everything; it would go on to explain why Mike felt that it was best for everyone if he forced things by deciding to buy the Pattermanse.

What bothers me about that is less that we're dealing with two generations of whiny pukes who hated the idea of feeling pain; what's bothering me is that Lynn didn't make The Delicate Genius 'right' by doing to him and Deanna what she did to Phil and Georgia. Back then, she showed us that going to other people's homes was a nightmare owing to the fact that Milborough is so loaded with mutants, we had every right to expect one of them to tell the short, hairy guy smoking the cigar "You know that guy in the helmet with the absolute control over metal? If the two of you got into a fight, he could really mess you up so you should probably stay away from him!" If she'd showed us that the Milborough of 2007 was also filled with mutant horror freaks who live like barnyard animals, it would make displacing everyone for a selfish, stupid reason seem much more sensible to her target demographic.

Ah, well. At least he didn't have to move anything. Back when he moved, Phil acted like a guy and got an old pick-up from some dude because like most of the cast, he didn't realize how much free stuff cost. Not, of course, that we could expect him to do so. After all, his creator doesn't understand that either.
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