dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Aunty Roo: Living Aesop Substitute Elly.

Of course, protection from the Evil Distracting Star that held out the lying promise that the Cruel, Scary Outside World was a place in which Pattersons could live was not just reserved for Michael. Having fallen victim to the Evil Distracting Star and its false belief that the pleasure she thought that sex gave her is true and good, Liz needed to go on a Journey of Purification to climb back from having toppled into the void of not being worthy of Anthony.

Her first guide back to the reality that Home really is the only place she should live was Candace's Magic Aunt Ruby. Her wonderfulness not only extended to being Candance's actual mother because her real mother was too distracted by her lecherous outsider boyfriend to notice that he was an evil lecher from the outside, she also helpfully demonstrated just how scary and cruel the evil outside world actually was by getting knocked over the head by two idiot felons.

Not, of course, that it was her fault even though Sgt Friday and Officer Gannon would hesitate to say that she did have it coming what with not taking anything like a security precaution. I mean, it didn't matter that people were warned against being as suicidally recklesstrusting as she was back when Dragnet was a radio show; the outside world is cruel and scary and the police and courts coddle criminals while threatening Decent Citizens with arrest for wanting to stand up for themselves.

That being said, some people who seem helpful at first turn out to be extra-bad people. As the Cranes of the Evil, Scary Adultery-Loving Town of Mtigwaki prove, people who look like they're protecting Liz turn out to be Cruel and Scary Outsiders who only pretend to look out for innocent young things while actually tolerating and encouraging Cheating Cheaters who Cheat. More on that tomorrow.
Tags: legion of substitute parents, liz: whining martyr

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