dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Gary and Vivian Crane, Fake Protectors.

The very interesting thing about Liz's leaving the care of Aunty Roo is that she was immediately handed off to the protection of Gary and Vivian Crane of Mtigwaki. While we, the readers, were beaten over the head with the idea that Lizzie was just working the Evil, Distracting Urge to experience new things and think that the unfamiliar and thus obviously evil, scary and wrong might actually have value out of her system, she thought that she was actually going to become a fixture in the scary town wherein people actually thought that they had a right to speak about her comings and goings.

It was thus all to the good that when Anthony had learned to love and trust again, Liz decided that she had to be there for her family and totally not to just actually stand there like an idiot waiting for a manipulator to decide things for her. Even better, it turned out that not only had she made Paul up out of smoke and wishful thinking, her supposed protectors were actually cheering him and Susan on as they made a fool out of her. This is why she HAD to rush off to Jim's after the wedding so that she didn't have to interact with them or listen to their evil lies about how she looked like a flighty idiot who was stringing a good man along because she was too stupid and too blind to social norms to realize what a horrible person she came across as being. She got enough of that sort of hateful aspersion as to how reckless and out of touch with reality she was from April, thank you very much.
Tags: legion of substitute parents, liz: whining martyr

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