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On achieving comfort in the Pattersphere.

The odd thing about my last blog entry is that someone unfamiliar with the characters would assume that I was being a cynical wise-ass when I made that crack about Elly living just long enough to see April and Gerald's first child just so she could rub it in that the Spoiled Picky-Face Martian Creature Princess had ruined everything for everyone everywhere. Those of us who are familiar with how the Pattersons think and act know that while I am a cynical wise-ass, I'm also dead-on. Elly wouldn't give April the satisfaction of living a long, happy life and reconciling with her because to do so would mean that she had given way to the Evil Distracting Star that wants to ruin the world.

This is because one of the reasons that the Pattersons give for the evil distracting star being evil is that it evilly distracts people from living comfortable lives. The funny thing about that is what the Pattersons seem to mean by the word. As history teaches us, comfort appears to be defined as not only not doing anything that would be difficult, unpleasant or that would have the potential of making the Pattersons look like lazy, selfish, cowardly chumps. Someone must knowingly be deprived of something that they want or need because their not being deprived would somehow magically ruin the Pattersons' lives. We're coming up to a sequence in which John knows damned well that Elly desperately relies on her part-time job to provide her with an identity that isn't "anoymous housewife" but proposes that she abandon it so that he won't have to get off of his fat, lazy God-damned ass and (CHOKE!!!) do "woman's work". This is because it seems to enrage, confuse and horrify him that she even wants to be more than an appendage to a repellent, inconsiderate, mindless, thoughtless, brainless, heartless, gutless and self-absorbed adult child.

This sets the general pattern owing to the fact that the someone being deprived of something he or she actually deserves must be said to not deserve it lest the Patterson desiring comfort be revealed to be a lazy, selfish, cowardly chump who hates doing anything unpleasant that requires effort or sacrifice. This, sadly, is what happens when you have a one-Foob monkeysphere. More on that tomorrow.
Tags: ogres are us

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