dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The wherefores of substitute parents.

The odd thing about Elly being the solipsistic weirdo she is is that as it stands right now, she very much wants to be a mother because she believes that society expects it of her but she just can't do it right now because her children oppress her and ruin her life by talking about things that she simply cannot take seriously lest she be declared a child. If only they'd come out of the womb frustrated adults with children, jobs, husbands, mortgages and things that she wants to talk about; that way, she could be a mother and also get to talk to true human beings who talk about normal human problems instead of boring, useless, semi-human children who talk and talk and talk about meaningless things that she simply cannot be allowed to care about.

It's thus a blessing in disguise that when her children go out into the Scary, Cruel Outside World that while they must deal with people that Elly can never get to know because they're strangers, said strangers do her the good turn of making sure that when she is finally ready to be a mother, her children are still helpless and still need her to run their lives. Not only are there good people out in that scary, scary world she will never enter, she can finally be the mother she wants to be to the children she wants to be mothers to without having to waste her time saying that small children are human beings.

Granted, this wonderful era can only last so long; at some point, she must sadly die. This leads to a rather horrible fate for one of those human appliances I mentioned yesterday: Gordon.
Tags: elly patterson: complete monster, legion of substitute parents

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