dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The real final fate of Michael and Deanna.

Of course, the ongoing torture of Jim Richards isn't the only annoying-yet-entertaining horror that would really face us if the strip continued. While it's sort of entertaining to hope that Mike and Deanna would continue to be soooooooooo pooooooor despite the two of them making money hand over fist, I think that the fact that Michael would have finally admitted that yes, Elly has every right to make all his decisions for him because he just isn't capable of thinking for himself would magically mean that his money woes would be over. What would be happening is that he and Deanna would be seeking out her help in dealing with problems with their children that anyone with two clues to rub together would be able to solve almost instantly.

Not only would this entail Mira being established as being wholly in the wrong all the time every time despite proposing and doing things that make sense and are correct, Elly would finally be allowed to show us that the stupid, self-defeating and idiotic non-parenting that warped Mike, Liz and April really is the best way to handle chaos-loving children that live to siphon away their mother's essence. Anything to avoid admitting that most of why she and Deanna are so frazzled and conflicted is that they both married oafish momma's boys who think that women have a maximum IQ of maybe eighty-five on a good day.
Tags: deanna vs mira, mike patterson: universal idiot

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