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Deanna would continue to be overworked and still not have help or time to herself

As I said at the very end of yesterday's entry, I really don't like Deanna's chances of getting through to Mike that he should be more than some asshole forted up in the attic churning out bullshit novels that get made into horseshit television movies by the sort of sleazy asshole producers that populate Rick Mercer's "The Industry." Part of the reason why is that Lynn needs to pander to a demographic that wants to think that men are simply incapable of doing anything domestic. They might mean well but their pathetic flailings about simply makes more work for busy women.

The second part of why Deanna and Elly are harried mothers who have no help and no time to themselves is that they willingly married idiot momma's boys who think that at best, a girl can hope maybe to have an intelligence quotient in the low to mid eighties and the bizarre and irrational impulse that she has to assume that she can decide things on her very own should be indulged in the same manner that a belief in the Easter Bunny is. The reason that John and Michael continue to think along these lines is that, well, the only way that their wives can get through to them is to weep piteously about how hard their lives are.

Hmmmm. Given that the real reason that Mira is an evil, domineering monster is her inconvenient and evil habit of telling Deanna the horrible lie that Mike is a clingy oaf who doesn't respect her and thinks of her as his mommy, I should think that the reason why we never saw any of Elly's friends from Vancouver is that they said the same damned thing about that asshole John. What this tells me is that just as she told Deanna to rush back to work because Meredith would sense her resentment, Elly's sage advice for the stress of dealing with an asshole husband who doesn't appreciate her is to quit her job, open up a sewing school and make herself totally dependent on a callous shithead for her survival while at the same time devoting all her time to servicing the entitled goober. The reason for this is that Lynn would still need to nag Rod about his refusal to play ball. More on that tomorrow.
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