dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On sewing schools and harems.

You might just have noticed a bit of an assymetry in how dealing with imbecile husbands who don't get that treating their wives like a maid, nanny and cook makes them look like lazy, self-absorbed shitwads is handled. What we're seeing right now is John being made into the bad guy because he thinks that the sovereign cure for the stress Elly's crazy woman hormones is causing is to quit that silly pretend job she doesn't 'need' because he's an evil, selfish conflict-causing MAN who refuses to understand that women need identities of their own too. If the strip had continued, Elly would have eventually prevailed upon Deanna to quit that stressful job that was keeping her from her family because she knows better than anyone else. The reason, of course, is that just as Lynn hated the idea of people questioning her need to isolate herself from her family and churn out Foob, she also really hated the idea that Rod had an identity that wasn't based on serving her needs. While she really, really hated the idea that she had to share him with women who simply had to be predatory lest she have to face the idea of actually being a jealous idiot who lives to get her bowels in an uproar over nothing, what really angered her is that he didn't see the need to put her needs first. This would have been the real reason WHY Deanna's job would be soooooo unfulfilling and haaaaaard that she haaaaad to quit. Would it have mattered to Lynn if by some odd chance, she actually heard people complain about Deanna's jettisoning everything about herself that isn't dedicated to slaving away for an idiot husband who sees her as an appliance with reproductive organs? Probably not. Neither would any complaints about how she was using John as a means of nagging him about his silly need to care about her changing her mind about quitting. More on that next.
Tags: fifties icon deanna, lynn versus rod

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