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Facial hair and other things.

As we've seen over the years, Lynn's ethos appears to be "If I can't enjoy a certain thing, I'm gonna make damned sure no one else can enjoy it either so I don't have to feel like I'm missing out." There have been so many strips in which Elly whines about the horrible necessity of having to tell people that enjoying things that she doesn't makes them extra-bad and selfish people to not lead us to that rather horrible conclusion.

As an example of this, it would seem that facial hair is a bit of a turn off for our little Lynnie. While not able to really indulge her need to thunder on relentlessly about how only bums, beatniks and other inferior, degenerate people wear mustaches in the Early Years owing to Alan having sufficient fortitude to tell her to keep her stupid opinions to herself, she was relieved and delighted when Aaron decided that he needed to display his indiviuality by growing his hair out and wearing a beard. The idea was not that he was an adult doing something harmless. The idea was that he was doing so to be a malicious jerk to POOOOOOR ELLY and ruin his life and keep her from owning his horses and so on and so forth. While her target demographic fall in line in believing that children only do anything to torment their parents out of malice, people who do a really stupid thing called "thinking about what they see" tend to see things differently. What we see is a stupid, intolerant old hen screaming about nothing just like always because she thinks she's the axis around which the World rotates. The reminder that she doesn't really matter as such always manages to enrage her.

This tendency to interpret the enjoyment by other people of thinks that she doesn't like as an assault, an affront and a humiliation doesn't end with Phil and Mike's not seeing that facial hair is evil. We also see her screaming with rage about video games, chewing gum, computers, any music made after 1950, any music that she can't sing along to and thus avoid the humiliation of individualism and so on and so forth. Not, of course, that she wants to admit that she's just a bitter old wet blanket who deliberately played her hand atrociously so as to feel right about being frustrated and martyred. There has to be a veneer of concern hiding the need to deprive people of something. I'll get to that when I explain that she wants Phil to have a long life of listening to her rant about how she knows best.
Tags: lynn versus her family

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