dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Michael and remorse: Two far-from-perfect strangers.

Today's exercise in stupidity calls to mind another reason why making the Noble Scribe Official Keeper of the Records such a wrong-headed idea: he's incapable of remorse. Not only does he not tell Meredith not to engage in the same bad behavior he did, he shows her how to be a better spoiled, sullen and destructive little hellion. After all, he doesn't have to clean up the mess so it doesn't matter to him what she does. That's what mothers are for. He seemed to show remorse after the crash that brought Deanna back into his life but that wasn't about her, no way. He was feeling sorry for himself because his parents were yelling at him because he was acting like a ghoul. Odds are, he still wishes that his story had made the paper. As for his relationship with Liz? The only reason he regrets any of it is that he got punished for trying to make things 'right'. By that, of course, he meant before Liz started taking away all of his attention. This mess, standing around like a shivering pillar of shit and moaning because he has to be there when parenting stops being fun is what Lynn calls a GOOD father? I wonder if she sees the same colors as we do?
Tags: jonbenet, mythologizing mike, the dreaded hybrid

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