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The Dismissocalypse: what really bothers me about Phil's wedding.

As you will recall, I wrote something a few weeks ago that likened Phil and Georgia's wedding to a dry run of the Settlepocalypse. That's because the point of the whole thing was to lecture Alan about how big, stupid and juvenile a bastard he was being by not putting a ring on his wife's finger. Always and ever, Phil would be made to look like a stupid child who doesn't know what's good for him when it was clear that if he wanted to be taken seriously, he would have to step up, get in that tux, marry that girl and quit his bitching about how living a steady, regular life like everyone else is 'going down in flames' or whatever.

The odd thing that I'd noticed is that a certain pattern would emerge whenever Phil tried to explain his concerns. What would generally happen is that Phil would start to pour his heart out about his fear that he was going to make a decision he couldn't back out on without looking like a son-of-a-bitch only to have Elly or Georgia tune him the Hell out and start running their damned mouths about china patterns or dresses or whatever. The way it looked to Phil was that he was being steamrolled by the wedding machine because no one God-damned listened to him about how anxious he was, how worried he was that he was going to do wrong by everyone.

While Lynn wants to make it look as if he were making a big deal over nothing by having his concerns fade away on the day itself, the fact that the Georgia who manipulated him into stepping up by threatening to walk out the door waited until they were packing for their honeymoon to share the trivial fact that she was just as anxious as he was makes me somewhat pissed off. That's because no one listens and no one talks to one another; somehow, this refusal to share somehow leads to a happy married life.
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