dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On alcoves and wiseassery.

It's not just being a stupid jackass who thinks leaving well enough alone like everyone else is for suckers that John shares with Michael. They also share the need to fort themselves away from their family lest something terrible happen to them. The terrible thing in question is having to bear witness to the end result of their self-serving behaviour and emotional and verbal abuse. The example that comes most readily to mind is the current arc. As we all know, the conflict is being driven by John's inability (or more correctly, refusal) to understand that Elly hates housework almost as much as she hates to deal with their children. Rather than admit that just perhaps he married a woman who was constitutionally unable to cope with any sort of stress without exploding in a rage that made her look like a clueless, no-class twit, he tried blaming her utter incompatibility with the domesticity she promised him she was going to love when they got married on her hormones making her act all weird.

The problem is that when it finally dawned on him that it wasn't her ovaries that made her a lousy mother, lousy wife, lousy cook, lousy housekeeper, and overall lousy and unpleasant person but the fact that she was born an incompetent and bitter asshole, he couldn't handle having to look at the chaos his being too in love with the idea of having someone cater to his needs to realize that people will say anything to get a meal ticket created. Therefore, he holed himself up in his workshop and left his family at the mercy of the horrible freak he married. Every so often, he shows up to threaten people who dare to get the insane freak more upset.

This, I should think, is why Michael holes up in his attic. I should think that by now, he must realize that Deanna would have been better off marrying Hannibal Freaking Lector than the effeminate, indolent, incompetent, infantile and self-absorbed slug he sees when he shaves of a morning and that it's slowly destroying her dignity and intellect having to raise three children especially when the oldest stopped maturing about the same time Reagan got shot. Rather than look at the damage inherent in associating with a Patterson, Mike hides himself away from the realization that he did that to her.
Tags: john patterson: complete monster, mike patterson: universal idiot

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