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On the ongoing impossibilty of honest mistakes.....

Of course, being yelled at and treated like a moral monster because she doesn't quite see the need to serve as a free baby-sitter isn't the only way in which Patterchildrearing is going to mess with Françoise's head. As we all know, she isn't going to be allowed to screw up without having to endure a traumatizing lecture about how much she HATES her parents and how SELFISH and CRUEL and HEARTLESS she is and how Liz and Anthony simply can't AFFORD to deal with things that really are her fault and she really did do on purpose. Watching Liz be as ready to tell her children what they were really thinking when they did things puts me in mind of a sequence in Walt Kelly's "Pogo" in which the other characters were once again trying to force the main character to run for President. At one point, Churchy La Femme asked Howland Owl why they simply couldn't ask Pogo his opinion on whether he should run. Howland smugly replied that Pogo's opinion about what he thought would clearly be biased but their opinion would not be. In both cases, self-serving idiots made a hash of logic to steamroll an unwilling and passive person into accepting an irrational way of thinking.

The reason for all of this is that Elly and John are repellent little narcissists who view every little thing that goes wrong as being part of a plot to destroy them. While they themselves are allowed to ride roughshod over other people because of their fallacious belief that they're the victims of all victims surpassing all others, the least inconvenience cannot be said to be the result of an accident or an oversight or a misunderstanding lest they be forced to face the horrible and scary idea that just maybe, they aren't really all that important.

When we combine their need to destroy anyone might be trying to victimize them further with their need to regard their kids as merely extensions of their wills, it's not hard to see that they raised their kids to be repulsive egomaniacs as well. The desperate need for attention and the equally desperate need to protect their self-worth will ensure that Meredith, Robin, James Allen and especially the Weird Little Frenchy Girl have to be on what deluded idiots who were brought up to not know how things work consider to be their best behavior.
Tags: john and elly versus their children, ogres are us

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