dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Gratitude Factor.

Of course, John continuing to keep Ted in his address book because he desperately needs someone in his life to reassure him that he isn't a callous buffoon with an obsolete and self-serving attitude about women and a criminal lack of appreciation for Elly is only a minor horror in the grand scheme of things. I should think that were the strip to have have continued, the most horrible horror of all would be watching Mike express his craven gratitude to his petty scuzzball parents for being so patient with him as a child and giving up so much for him. Watching what seemed like a million horrible years of John and Elly's repulsive incompetence, criminal self-absorption and malicious neglect being lauded as the wonderful wonderfulness of two perfectt parents would be a mind-scarringly awful note on which to see John and Elly off into the sunset.

Well, that and the fact that John and Elly's fellow craven and cretinous small-minded, small-town sociopaths would join the inattentive who project their more orderly and pleasant lives onto the hideous canvas of the Patterswine and those who fear to make waves owing to the ludicrous misapprehension that criticism means you're evil in gushing in delight at the hideous spectre of Mike licking the boots that kicked him.
Tags: john and elly versus their children, mytholigizing mikerobe

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