dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The miracle of basic decency.

One of the most depressing and annoying facts of life of chronicling the repulsive behaviour that we see in the Pattersons' world is dealing with petulant people who possess the annoying tendency to confuse 'pointing out flawed behavior' with 'heartless cruelty' and thus rant about how we must be devoid of any sort of moral goodness but are instead motivated by cynicism. This is especially annoying given that the Patterswine are pretty much the most cynical people not created by Tom Batiuk to ever blight the four-panel cosmos.

As by way of example, their innate cynicism makes them view random acts of kindness as long-awaited miracles. In the normal course of events, John or Elly or whoever expect that everyone is either an enemy devoted to ruining them because they hate them or a witless hindrance blind to the destruction they stupidly visit on our victim heroes. On the rare occasion that they acknowledge that someone has actually done them a good turn out of the goodness of their hearts, they marvel at the miracle of finally being treated the way they deserve.

What the Pattersons lose sight of is that they actually have to set an example of gracious behavior, fair-mindedness and gratitude for minor kindnesses if they expect their children to display said desiderata. Given that John and Elly are entitled swine who can't act like decent people because they feel their imaginary suffering gives them licence to be jerks, I should almost think that maybe being treated like people is a miracle.
Tags: ogres are us

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