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Elly and her five-dollar scepter of total failure.

As I said yesterday, it irritates me to be told that explaining what's wrong with Foob is the act of a heartless cynic who lives a miserable life because he cannot experience joy and wishes to deprive everyone else of that sensation is that a close-in look clearly shows us that the Foobiverse is one of the most cynical places in fiction.

The image that should solidify that in people's minds appeared in the strip for 28 January 2007. As we all know, we were dealing with the first stage of the Housening and Elly did not like it one bit. Granted, there was a lot not to like. First off, Mike was sitting on his ass turning down apartment after apartment because he thought that the fire was a sign that leaving home was a horrible mistake while feeding Deanna pure-D bullshit about how none of them were as affordable or as nice as Lovey's Death-Trap of Delight. Meanwhile, Deanna was agreeing with him because she realized that taking over the Pattermanse and turfing John, Elly and possibly April would drive her mother bonkers. Third, Lizardbreath was holed up on her deathbed in the fetal position because she'd been mauled by an evil outside world that was scary and wrong because she actually had to deal with the real-life consequences of acting like a sitcom idiot. Finally, everyone was treating April as if she were a piece of furniture no one knew what to do with because treating her like a human being would mean that their behavior left a lot to be desired.

Sadly, Elly didn't give a fart in a high wind for any of that. Instead of being pissed off at watching the chickens coming home to roost and gasp in horror because their model train layout was being threatened, Elly wanted what she always wanted: to do stupid, short-sighted and self-aggrandizing things that sane people would tell her would backfire on her in the most horrible way possible and not have to deal with the inevitable results. John made the foolish decision to interrupt her furious grumbling about how children she raised to share her own utter lack of concern with the needs of others as if she were one of the others whose right must be trampled on by offering a remedy that doesn't involve Elly having her cake and eating it too only to bear witness to her standing there in her driveway bellowing "NO!!!!!!" like a spoiled toddler being told she can't just take things just because she waaaaaaannnnnnnnts them. The thing is that she's not just saying no to the immediate suggestion that she should take John's car. Elly is also saying no to thinking ahead, dealing realistically with the consequences of her actions, learning from her mistakes, admitting that she isn't the axis around which the world rotates and so on and so forth.

This, I should think, is because Elly became a jaded idiot at an early age because she confused being a bitter fool who rejected the world out of fear that it would hurt or disappoint her with being wise. I should think that this sort of thinking first started taking hold when she was in her middle teens and she needed a way to explain why her crush on a boy who saw her as a clingy irritant collapsed. Since it hurt too much to admit that she didn't know who the fellow really was and should maybe figure out what people are in to before committing herself, she came to the idiotic conclusion that people who told her things she didn't want to hear were bad people and those whose needs conflicted with her own were part of a vast conspiracy to ruin her and expose her to a very public humiliation. She might think that being "realistic" makes her smart but her idea of reality is really not that realistic.
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