dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

"I'd like you to GET LOST!!!!!": Other snapshots, other revelations.....

While it is true that watching Elly standing in her driveway holding an ice-scraper and bellowing like a spoiled child who's being told to eat her spinach or she won't get dessert gives us a pretty good idea of who she is, it doesn't really tell us how she got there. We need more images that tell us what decisions she could have made that made that make sense.

Fortunately, the Lynn of 1979 helpfully supplied us with said images. Sadly, said images relate to Elly's constant habit of screaming at Mike when he wants to be reassured that she's actually grateful he was born. What usually happens is that she lets her irrational standards of perfection get in the way of actually accomplishing anything and is frustrated yet again when that happens. Along comes Mike to interrupt her with pointless questions she doesn't know the answer to because he obviously wants to see her fail. It isn't that he's a lost, confused little child who keeps hearing things about how Mommy loves him but doesn't really especially like him because he can never do anything right. It's that he's an agent of the great big conspiracy that wants to see her fail and be frustrated because they love laughing at her.

The reason she thinks this way is that Elly is an ignorant fool. After all, she STILL hasn't realized that he picked up on the constant signs she gave off that she bitterly regrets having him as a son because he didn't come out of the womb asking her what he could do to help. No. He had to be born helpless and useless and not speaking English and requiring attention she just can't spare because she's got to roll dat ole debbil stone up the hill like she's Sisyphus in a pony tail and mom jeans. Sure, they get along now owing to his finally having been beaten down enough to be grateful to be incompetently parented but there were years of animosity based on his parents' irrational fear of disorder.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly versus her family, elly versus the truth

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