dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The failure in the mirror......

Last Sunday's reprint is yet another telling snapshot that rubs our noses in who and what Elly is. As we saw, she looked in the mirror and reacted strongly in the negative to what she saw. Just as she says "NO!!!!!" to the reality that most people aren't trying to ruin her, she also yells "NO!!!!!" to the idea that she's a fairly attractive woman. Not only has she always seen herself as being ugly and unloveable, she's also convinced herself that she's always ten pounds away from being her ideal weight. What seems to be happening is that she's really yelling "NO!!!!!" to herself as a person. For reasons that I've gone over in depth, the narcissism that convinces Elly that everyone is trying to destroy her because they hate her also tells her that maybe they're on to something. This need to think of herself as being hideously ugly and almost helpless to do anything about it seems to be part of a wider pattern of settling for less owing to a belief that this is all she can get. It's, as a for instance, why she married John. Deep down, she can't see herself as deserving better.
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