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Moving the dirt around.

So far in my little look at the images the come to mind when I think of Elly, I've talked about her screaming in rage, gasping in horror, moaning in despair and her lecturing her children about the latest way they've tried to ruin her. I'd like to conclude by talking about the recurring image of Elly struggling under her daily twenty loads of clothes.

The reason for all of this is that Lynn uses Elly struggling with a laundry basket, groaning about the ironing and screaming at Mike and the other kids about the need to fold laundry properly as visual shorthand for the uphill battle she not only has with housework but with a family that gets what my mother used to call "nub-itis" (named for the fact that when it came time to do chores, some of us acted as if our hands had fallen off and left nubs at the ends of our wrists) whenever it came time to do anything.

What Elly lost sight of is that despite her belief that she had to slavishly imitate her mother despite that not making a lick of sense, there's a much simpler way to go about things. As by way of example. she could have saved a lot of time ironing by buying kids' clothes that didn't actually need to be ironed and a lot of stress and care not worrying about whether the kids' clothes were folded neatly. The catch is that Elly wants nothing to do with said simpler way. Whether by intent or by accident, it looks to me as if Marian raised Elly to say NO!!!!! to making things easier on herself. She thinks that she must do things in an inefficient and unproductive manner because rest and ease are for the selfish and lazy.

The end result is to turn her into a distaff version of something from a PSA an inter-faith outreach group broadcast back in the seventies. The thing had a cartoon character letting hatred build and build and build until he literally exploded with rage. The tag line was "When you hate, who do you REALLY hurt the most? Hate hurts YOU!!!!"
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