dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Rats, mostly.....: John and his fear of change.

Of course, it's not just Elly who has facial expressions that tell us who she is. John also has two typical expressions that tell us why he's the stupid idiot standing there absorbing a temper fit. The first expression that tells us who he is happens to be the Purple-Faced Scowl of Blind Rage. We saw this back when Mike defied him and tried to destroy civilization by saying that no, he didn't owe his poor, put-upon parents who work soooooooo haaaaaaaaard and get nothing in return every last cent spent on him times five to make things fair. We see a lesser version of said expression all of the other times people are trying to destroy him by telling him an evil lie about how he's just another person so can't actually ride roughshod over everyone everywhere like he's "supposed" to. This tells us that he's still the nasty little punk kid who terrorized his less fortunate classmates in the smug belief that since he was able to dominate them, they deserved it for being weaker than he is. The idea that he has to take crap instead of dishing it out galls him because he can't wrap his hate-filled brain around the idea that he's a monstrous anomaly instead of a preferred norm.

This leads us to his look of Victimized Panic when confronted not only with horrible, horrible resistance to his will but with horrible, horrible change that would expose him to the humiliation of admitting error. When John growls and when John whines, he's saying no to remorse, empathy, self-reflection and the ability to learn from his mistakes. Were he to do something dangerous, scary and wrong like that, he'd have to decide which peril was worse. If opening himself up to abuse to all comers like he secretly expects will happen is a bad thing, the idea that people would be sickened by that expectation and ask him when he was planning on stopping being a nasty six year old would be worse. The fear of wasting his life saying no to growing as a person because he's full of hate is very great indeed.
Tags: john patterson: complete monster

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