dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John and his toys: a reminder.

Of course, it isn't just scary, unfair societal change that would lead to the cruel humiliation of having to ask himself what he believes, why he believes it and how much of his life was wasted doing so that makes John gasp in horror. As we saw when Deanna made an aside about how she was thinking of standing in the way of his ego-gratifying vandal-magnet eyesore of a model train layout out, another way to get John to actually have a facial expression that isn't a smug smirk inspired by a self-absorption so profound and hateful it hurts to even think about it is to threaten his ability to play with his toys.

The reason that he thinks that this is cruel and unfair is that if there is one thing that John loves more than anything else, it's witlessly playing with toys at his family's expense. Since he thinks of his own needs first and those of others a VERY distant second, he tends to see getting in the way of inconveniencing those around him as something of as profound and hateful a personal affront as having to watch his 'ungrateful' children play with toys that his parents couldn't afford when he was that age. While Elly might be aware on some level that most of why she and John rant about wretched excess, the two of them are letting the whiny little kids squealing about fairness that still live inside them have their say, John is not self-aware enough to see this as a possibility. He actually does believe that they're a bunch of ingrates trying to lord it over him because otherwise, he'd have to admit that he's a petty jackass whining for toys he can't have and that would be just plain wrong.
Tags: john patterson: complete monster

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