dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Foobs, and how they grew.

In the beginning, there was Lynn, who needed an outlet to vent her frustrations about her life a housewife, but her ideas were without form. She then went to a drwaing board and made veiled caricatures of her own family. She the took the caricatures to the Syndicate to bless her work. And yea, verily the Syndicate said it was good. Thus the multitude were forced to watch the progress of StEllie the Vapid who thought she no longer needed the degree her parents shelled out heavy coin for her to get, in order to please ChildManJohn who regarded a wife with a degree and career as a abomination in the eyes of the Lord and only the rubes said it was good. The multitude watched as Michael the GrumblingTrollBoy harrased his hapless young sister and afflicted her with a cruel byname and questioned Lynn's decency as she said it was good. They would as ChildManJohn asked for advice from ExtraPatheticLoserChildMan Ted and tried to live by his failed teachings and questioned Lynn's sanity and declared it good. They watched her mostly failed attempt to lionise Alice the Martyr and demonise Connie the Antilifemonster Careerwoman and questioned if Lynn came from Stepford,Massachusets. They watched as time passed on, and yea verily, so the characters physically aged they mentally varied not from 1979, even as thus Lynn herself did not from 1959. As the years went on, so did her attitudes about the true, good and beautiful did ossify. She thus created the fantasydaughter April, so that we may know that,although they may seem like clear-headed young people who have something useful to give the world, teenagers are Nazi space-monsters who disrespect their elders and use lame slang like "foob" and do not invest their hopes and dreams in phyiscal goods and mind-numbingly bland domesticity. So thus is loutish conformist Michael rewarded for decades of thick-headedness by more success (and a ReactionaryFantasy Doormat Wife) than the self-obsessed lump of meat with eyes deserves while Elizabeth is about to be punished for 'rebellion' by yet more social indignation and romantic misadventures. But, yea, some Higher Power charged with silencing the chronically stupid and criminally square hath struck Lynn with an affliction which will drive her from the drawing board for good. And we, the comic-reading public who value Quality over Quantity say *IT IS GOOD*.
Tags: my brain needs a shower!!

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