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On camping trips and weddings.

Of course, Elly and the gang aren't alone in being self-absorbed jerkwads who squeal about being cruelly mistreated while they're in the process of denying someone his or her rights, freedom and/or property. Phil is also a rather horrible jerk in his own right. As the recent sequence in which he pulled a Jedi mind trick on Georgia so that she would agree that only he gets to make decisions because he has the Y chromosome that permits them to be made, he likes to play a lot of nasty head games because he's an infantile petty tyrant.

This meant that most of the lead-up to their inevitable marriage meant that she wasted the best years of her life trying to reform the whimpering sack of sewage. In the normal course of events, she might have eventually fallen into the orbit of a less depressingly stupid and entitled and wound up bitterly resenting the time lost pursuing an imbecile who lives to trivialize the hopes, fears and dreams of the women in his life. Sadly, he and John decided to get away from what they called "feminine tyranny" and what actual men call "having to admit that they're most of why their significant others are so damned moody all the time."

Since the two of them had no more idea of what they were doing in the wilderness than a member of Possum Lodge, their canoe capsized owing to being weighed down by all the junk they needed to enjoy the simple life. While Elly was wondering why John's leaving whiskers in the sink like a slob was a big deal, Georgia stated that she simply couldn't go on living if Phil were dead.

Since she didn't have to pine away and die of grief or commit suicide so she could be with her mayyyyyyuuuuunnnnnn, she was glad to take him on, bad habits, verbal abuse and everything. What Phil never seems to have quite realized is that the idea of being free of a puerile moron who spent the better part of the eighties pretending that it was still 1972 had been made so scary that he had no choice but to marry her lest she do herself an injury.

Just as she would later do with Liz and Anthony or Mike and Deanna, Lynn would declare this to be the triumph of True Love. She would be dead bang on were the words "true love" to be pronounced "stock-holm syn-drome."
Tags: georgia, phil: bee and bop king

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